Model Code for Energy Conservation in New Building Construction



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United States Energy Research and Development Administration


In response to the recognized lack of existing consensus standards directed to the conservation of energy in building design and operation, the preparation and publication of such a standard was accomplished with the issuance of ASHRAE Standard 90-75 "Energy Conservation in New Building Design", by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc., in 1975. This standard addressed itself to recommended practices for energy conservation, using both depletable and non-depletable sources. With a nationally recognized standard now available, consistent and uniform application was determined as necessary. The development of a national model building design regulatory document was accomplished through funding by the United States Department of Energy by those organizations primarily concerned with code development and writing. A model code for energy conservation in building construction has been developed, setting forth the minimum regulations found necessary to mandate such conservation. The code addresses itself to the administration, design criteria, systems elements, controls, service water heating and electrical distribution and use, both for depletable and non-depletable energy sources. The technical provisions of the document are based on ASHRAE 90-75 and it is intended for use by state and local building officials in the implementation of a statewide energy conservation program.


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