Superfund record of decision: Highland Acid Pit, TX: second remedial action-final




U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Emergency and Remedial Response


The Highlands Acid Pit site is located 16 miles east of Houston on a 6-acre peninsula in Harris County, Texas. The site is bordered on the west and the south by the San Jacinto River, on the north by a wooded area, and on the east by a sand pit. The site lies within the 10-year flood plain and has subsided 2.4 feet since 1964. An unknown quantity of industrial waste sludge was disposed of at the site in the 1950's. The sludge is believed to be spent sulfuric wastes from a refinery process. The June 1984 Record of Decision, addressing the source of contamination, was inadequate to evaluate the full extent of groundwater contamination. The primary contaminants of concern are VOC'S and heavy metals. The recommended remiedial action includes a no action remedy with long-term groundwater and surface water monitoring since the contaminants of concern were not detected above the criteria levels. The capital cost for the monitoring program is $4,700 with annual O&M of $6,980.


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chemical pollution, ground water, water pollution, heavy metals, flood plains, chemical pollutants, pollution monitoring