A general revision of the Palaemonidae (crustacea Decapod Natantia) of the Americas. II. The subfamily Palaemonidae

Holthuis, L.B.
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All species of Macrobrachium occur in fresh water only, except M. acanthurus, M. ohion, and M. carcinus, which occur in both brackish and fresh water. Pseudopalaemon bouvieri (only species) is fresh water, as are all species of Cryphiops, Troglocubanus, and Creaseria. Leander tenuicornis, only American species of the genus, is found in marine and occasionally brackish waters. Palaemon has marine, brackish-water, and freshwater species. Palaemonetes kadiakensis is the only truly freshwater member of its genus, except P. antrorum from subterranean waters at San Marcos, Texas, and P. paludosus from fresh waters of the Atlantic coastal states, so far as North America is concerned (there are freshwater P. in South America). The other North American species of Palaemonetes are marine or estuarine: P. vulgaris, P. intermedius, and P. pugio (brackish to almost fresh water). This monograph is well provided with keys and good illustrations, and lists all locations from which each species has been recorded.

396 p.
shrimp, freshwater shrimp, Palaemonetes sp., Macrobrachium sp., identification keys, taxonomy