Water quality segment report for segment nos. 1005, 1006, and 1007. Houston Ship Channel. Report no. WQS-25




Warshaw, S.

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Texas Water Quality Board, Field Operations Division, Surveillance Section


The Ship Channel has been an extremely important element in the economic and industrial growth of the Houston area. Industries located along its reach have access to barge and ship traffic from all over the world. In addition, the Channel is an abundant source of water suitable for cooling many kinds of industrial and power-generating activities, and serves as a collection and transportation system for many kinds of waterborne wastes. There are large variations in salinity and other physico-chemical parameters that result from tidal oscillations, the introduction of variable fresh-water inflow at numerous points, wind, seasonal temperature changes, and many other factors determining water quality in the Channel: the intensive use of its water for transportation and the disposal of wastes, interacting with a large number of variable natural factors.


104 p.


water quality, estuaries, ecosystems, economic growth, water use, inflow, waste disposal