Report to the Senate of the 66th Legislature of Texas on Interim Studies by the Jurisprudence Committee of the Texas Senate


This report is the Jurisprudence Committee's analysis of some of the complex issues anticipated to be considered by the 66th Legislature. Included are reports on Community Corrections, Abuse of Power by Peace Officers, Minimizing Dangers Posed by Railroad-Highway Grade Crossings, Product Liability, and Court Administration. It is intended to provide information and an analysis thereof. No recommendations are made, although some legislative alternatives are offered. It does not necessarily reflect the view of each memeber. Any member's vote in favor of its submission to the Legislature on January 23, 1979, reflects only that he believes it is a good product worthy of consideration by members of the 66th Legislature and may aid them in casting their votes when these issues are presented to them.


114 pages


public policy, environmental policy