Critical areas map: Oil spill vulnerability index for the Houston Ship Channel/upper Galveston Bay area.




Espey, Huston, and Associates, Incorporated

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Espey, Huston, and Associates, Incorporated


These maps include the following color-coded information: wave-cut scarps, sea walls and revetments; non-wetland vegetated habitats; fine-grained sand beaches; manmade structures (dock facilities, marinas, piers, etc.); exposed tidal flats; mixed sand-shell beaches; sheltered shallow water habitats; sheltered tidal flats; vegetated wetland habitats; and areas of patchy marsh (1 meter wide or less). Under the category of areas requiring special attention, the following features are depicted: industrial intakes; oyster reefs; bird rookeries; waterfront residential areas; boat ramps; and recreational areas. Locations for the following companies are noted: Exxon Co. USA; La Gloria Oil & Gas; Charter International Oil Co.; Petro-Tex Chemical Corp.; Arco Petro. Products and Arco Chemical Co.; Crown Central Petro. Corp.; Warren Petro. Co.; Phillips Petro. Co.; Ethyl Corp.; and Shell Oil Co.


2 maps on 2 sheets, 100 cm. x 102 cm.


oil spills, pollution, reefs, oyster reefs, maps, wetlands