Gulf of Mexico index; August 1983 - October 1984




Molajo, D.D.
Risotto, S.P.
Farris, V.A.

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Rogers, Golden & Halpern, Incorporated


The U.S. Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Information Program (OCSIP) has issued three previous volumes of the Gulf of Mexico Index covering the following periods: 1) January 1978 - November 1980, 2) December 1980 - August 1982, and 3) September 1982 - July 1983. This volume is formatted as follows: 1) Chapter 1 describes the OCS leasing process from a national perspective, discusses the 5-year leasing program, and presents information on the July 1982 OCS oil-and-gas leasing schedule and the tentative milestone chart issued subsequent to the July 1982 schedule, 2) Chapter 2 discusses lease sales held in the Gulf of Mexico OCS Region from August 1983 - October 1984 and presents updated information on future sales scheduled for the region, 3) Chapter 3 describes the steps in the pre- and postlease processes. Information on relevant documents produced from August 1983 - October 1984 are provided in tabular form, 4) Chapter 4 reports on the ongoing MMS programs that support the OCS leasing process, and 5) the appendixes include directories of Federal and State OCS-related contacts and other information pertinent to the OCS leasing process.


86 p.


leases, oil and gas legislation, oil and gas industry