Water Resources Data for Texas, Water Year 1992. Volume 1. Arkansas River Basin, Red River Basin, Sabine River Basin, Neches River Basin, Trinity River Basin, and Intervening Coastal Basins




Buckner HD
Andrews FL
Hinds BA

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Water-resources data for the 1992 water year for Texas are presented in four volumes, and consist of records of stage, discharge, and water quality of streams and canals; and stage, contents, and water quality of lakes and reservoirs, and water levels and water quality of ground-water wells. Volume 1 contains records for water discharge at 111 gaging stations; stage only at 5 gaging stations; stage and contents at 37 lakes and reservoirs; water quality at 96 gaging stations; and data for 7 partial-record and 8 flood-hydrograph partial-record stations. Also included are lists of discontinued surface-water discharge or stage-only stations and discontinued surface-water-quality stations; crest-stage and flood-hydrograph partial-record stations, reconnaissance partial-record stations, and low-flow partial-record stations. Records for a few pertinent stations in bordering States also are included




48G Natural Resources & Earth Sciences: Hydrology & Limnology, Arkansas River, Basins, Coastal areas, Data, Discharge, Flow rates, Gaging stations, Ground water, Hydrology, Lakes, Neches River, Quality, Red River, Reservoirs, Rivers, Sabine River, Surface water, Surface waters, Texas, Trinity River, United States, Water, Water chemistry, Water levels, Water quality, Water resources, Water temperature