West coast deepwater port facilities study: summary report.




U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Pacific and North Pacific Division

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, South Pacific Division and North Pacific Division


This report is in partial response to a Congressional Resolution requesting a review of waterborne commerce along the Pacific Coast. It deals exclusively with potential deepwater port facilities for the receipt and transshipment of crude petroleum. This West Coast Study is one of three concurrent studies undertaken by the Corps of Engineers to provide a national overview on the potential need for deepwater port facilities. The other two studies cover the North Atlantic Coast and the Gulf Coast...The purpose of this study is to indicate the comparative advantages and disadvantages of deepwater port facilities along the West Coast for receiving and transferring crude petroleum. It presents information on a number of the most likely sites and discusses the net advantages and disadvantages of developing deepwater port facilities at these sites.


v.1- 150 pgs.; v.6 Appendix E - 135 pgs.


harbors, environmental aspects, ports, coastal zone management, construction, deepwater ports