Existing State and Local Wetlands Surveys (1965-1975) Volume II. Narrative



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United States Fish and Wildlife Service


Increased knowledge of the value of wetlands has led many State and Federal agencies to regard this land-water complex as a critically valuable national resource. In 1974, the U.S. Department of Interior directed the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Biological Services, to design and conduct a new National Wetlands Inventory. Subsequently, the Office of Biological Services directed Martel Laboratories, under Contract No. 14-16-0008-937, to conduct a survey of Regional, State and local wetland surveys performed since 1965. This resulted from the realization that recent inventories can provide a partial data source from which to formulate and conduct a new National Wetlands Inventory. Such information may be useful also as an index to wetlands data for planners, conservation groups, and other organizations. The results of the Martel survey are presented in two volumes. The material for each volume is arranged by State in alphabetical order within each of the appropriate USFWS Regions. Volume I is a map atlas showing each State at a common map scale (1:750,000) and detailing the area covered by each inventory. The maps are cross-indexed by means of a legend-key to Volume II, which contains a profile of each inventory. Volume I includes a small-scale generalized map of the United States showing wetlands inventories accomplished or work in progress. Volume II is organized into chapters, each of which covers one State. Each chapter is divided into: 1. Inventory Section, summarizing all wetland inventories performed, and reporting for each survey the reasons, methods, products, and key persons to contact; 2. Notes Section, serving as background information on relevant inventories conducted prior to 1965, inventories of small areal extent, or studies whose primary purpose was not a wetland inventory but which involved wetlands in a general manner; and 3. Legal Synopsis Section, describing State legislation that pertains to the management, protection, or identification of wetlands.


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National Wetlands Inventory, wetlands conservation, wetlands