Needs Assessment for Water-Level Gauging Along the Texas Coast for the U.S. Army Engineer District, Galveston




Thurlow CI
Hellman DJ
Lindquist AL
Earle MW
Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station VMCHL

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The U.S. Army Engineer District, Galveston, conducts navigation channel maintenance and operations along the Texas coast from the Sabine River on the north to the Brownsville Ship Channel on the south. The Galveston District has identified a need to have both real-time and recorded water-level data in order to conduct navigation channel maintenance and operation, coastal engineering, and environmental regulatory functions in an economical and accurate way. This report identifies general and specific needs for water-level information, and gives recommendations for obtaining such information. Communications alternatives for supplying real-time, voice- reported, and archived data to the Galveston District are discussed




ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, coastal engineering, Hydrography, Maintenance, Navigation, Navigational aids, Navigational channels, Q2 02171 Dynamics of lakes and rivers, Texas, USA, Water Level