Hydrographic Data of Opportunity from the Texas Continental Shelf, April 1-2, 1995




Brooks DA
Biggs DC

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The weekend of 1-2 April 1995, R/V Gyre made 2 short cruises south from Glaveston TX out on to the inner continental shelf. On Saturday 1 April, underway temperature and salinity data were logged as Gyre proceeded down the Pelican Island Ship Channel to Bolivar Roads and out on the shelf, where a CTD cast was done just seaward of the Sea Buoy at the entrance to Galveston Bay. On Sunday 2 April, during a 16 hour and 110 nautical mile round trip cruise to deploy 2 current meter moorings for the Texas Automated Buoy System (T underway temperature and salinity data were again logged and a CTD cast was again done just seaward of the Galveston Bay Sea Buoy. Additional CTD casts were done on 2 April at the deployment locations of 2 TABS current meters




2, 47C Ocean Sciences & Technology: Physical & Chemical Oceanography, 47G Ocean Sciences & Technology: Hydrography, Bathythermograph data, Buoys, Continential shelf, Data, Deployment, Depth, Fluorometers, Galveston, Galveston bay, Gulf Coast, Gulf of Mexico, Hydrographic surveys, Management, Mexico gulf, Ocean circulation, Ocean temperature, Oceanographic data, Salinity, Sampling, Sea surface temperature, Temperature, Texas, United States