The ichthyofauna of Harmon and Wynne creeks sampled within the Center for Biological Field Studies, Walker County, Texas


2001 May


Dent L
Lutterschmidt WI

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The fishes of Harmon and Wynne creeks within the Center for Biological Field studies (CBFS) were surveyed from March through May 2000. This survey provides a species inventory for future study of ichthyofaunal diversity within the CBFS creek system. A total of 11 fish species were identified by seining 20 pools. Blacktail shiner (Cyprinella venusta) and the western mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) were most common in Harmon and Wynne creeks, respectively, with the yellow bullhead (Ameiurus natalis) and the dusky darter (Percina sciera) being the most rare. Indices of species diversity are discussed with general descriptions of microhabitat in each creek. Because Harmon and Wynne creeks are located within the Trinity River Basin (TRB), the endemic fishes of the TRB are reviewed in comparison with the species sampled in the CBFS




diversity, FISH, fishes, MICROHABITAT, STREAM, survey, TEXAS, Trinity River, TX, USA