Water Resources Study, Trinity River Basin, Texas. Study of Potential Needs and Value of Water for Municipal, Industrial, and Quality Control Purposes




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The objective of the report is the determination of water requirements for municipal, industrial, and water quality control purposes to the year 2070 in the Trinity River basin including the Houston municipal and industrial complex. Estimates are made of the benefits attributable to the storage of water for meeting these requirements in proposed Federal reservoirs. To arrive at these needs, studies are made of the economic and demographic variables which affect water consumption. These are then projected to the terminal year of the study (2070), combined with projected unit water usage and translated into municipal and industrial water requirements. The amounts of wastes which result from these uses are calculated and the quantity of water required to preserve stream quality is determined. In addition to determining requirements, a basinwide plan for supplying these needs is developed, which provides for orderly and efficient utilization of potential water resources within the basin with full recognition of all permits, commitments, and agreements executed by local interests. (Author)




50B Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering, Dallas, Estimates, Fort Worth, Galveston, Houston, Public health, Quality, Quality control, Requirements, Reservoirs, Resources, Texas, Trinity River, Trinity River Basin, United States, Water, Water consumption, Water pollution, Water quality, Water requirements, Water resources