Status and trends of selected living resources in the Galveston Bay System




Green, Albert, Maury Osborn, Peng Chai, Albert Green, Junda Lin, Cindy Loeffler, Anita Morgan, Peter Rubec, Sean Spanyers, Anne Walton, R. Douglas Slack, Dale Gawlik, Douglas Harpole, James Thomas, Edward Buskey, Keith Schmidt, Roger Zimmerman, Donald Harper, David Hinkley, and Thomas Sager

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


This report is part of the effort to characterize the ecosystem of the Galveston Estuary. Its purpose is to assess the relative health of the Galveston Estuary by evaluating the status and trends of several selected endemic species in order to identify potential problems, as indicated by significant declines in abundance, and to initiate the investigation of the probable causes of these declines. The species studied include: 1) commercially and ecologically important finfish and shellfish, 2) locally breeding birds, 3) alligators, 4) plankton, and 5) open bay and marsh benthos. There were two phases to the project: the identification and examination of existing data sets containing information about target species, and the statistical analysis of those data sets with sufficient information to demonstrate temporal change.


452 pages; available for download at the link below.


ecosystems, living resources, statistical analysis, estuaries