A review of the characteristics, behavior, and design requirements of Texas Gulf Coast tidal inlets.




Schmeltz, E.J.
Sorensen, R.M.

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Texas A&M University, Sea Grant College


This paper is intended to provide the reader with a background in the design of tidal inlets. In order to adequately achieve this end, an effort is made to present the hydraulic equations generally used to describe the flow in a tidal inlet along with an explanation of the simplifying assumptions normally made. Consequences of these assumptions as well as relative sizes of the terms deemed negligible are included. Consideration is given to the response of tidal inlets to such outside influences as wave action, littoral drift and tides. Presently accepted methods for determination of inlet stability are included, and the necessary parameters for an effective inlet design are presented. Finally, a bibliography containing the foremost publications in the field of tidal inlets is presented. Materials on specific topics are listed under categories deemed appropriate by the writers.


88 p.


tidal inlets, shoaling, barrier spits, channels, sediments, wave action, sediment distribution, size distribution