Texas Energy: Flows, Forecasts, and Policy Implications



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University of Houston Energy Institute


Texas Energy is essentially a report on Texas energy supply and demand. It contains surveys of the historical and forecast energy flows which show the complexity and magnitude of the energy problems that Texas must solve. Energy is no longer an unlimited commodity. Texas must give serious consideration to its future oil and gas resource supplies. The dependence on energy production in Texas has far-reaching economic implications. Many Texans make their living producing as well as using energy. Two out of every seven non-farm jobs in the state are directly related to petroleum resources. A slowdown in energy production would be a serious blow to the Texas economy. Within a decade Texas could shift from being the country's leading net exporter of energy to being a net importer of energy. Major legislative action, a careful examination of the tax base and policies, improved technology, research and development, and long-range planning must be undertaken to protect the economy, assure development, and guarantee a reasonable quality of life for Texas citizens.


28 pages


power supply, economy --Texas, energy production, energy policy