Biology of the Spotted Seatrout




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CRC Press


This book represents compilation and summary chapters on the biological knowledge of spotted seatrout by noted authorities in their respective fields. The primary objective is to make the latest and most up-to-date life history information available on this species for the express purpose of beginning the task of assessing differences in estuarine-restricted subpopulations of spotted seatrout. A second objective is to indicate areas in which life history aspects of spotted seatrout can be used to show their potential as indicators of estuarine conditions. A third objective is to begin to integrate estuarine-specific life history features into the overall management of estuaries and of an estuarine-dependent fishery. Above all, this publication demonstrates a directed effort toward a goal of improving our ability to monitor estuaries and fisheries simultaneously and gives purposeful direction to the future research efforts regarding the biology of estuarine fishes. Clearly, this is an initial and untried effort for any species in any habitat, but, if the principles presented here told true, the spotted seatrout biology-estuarine condition sentinel should serve as a guide to develop information sources in other estuaries, using a broad suite of life history characters from other estuarine-dependent species as indicators of environmental conditions.



biology, sciaenids, spotted seatrout