Global Ecology




Tudge, C.

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Oxford University Press


In Global Ecology, eminent science writer Colin Tudge offers an authoritative overview of ecological science, one that encompasses the many diverse terrains, climates and habitats of our planet while emphasizing the global unity of the Earth's ecosystem. From the waterways and oceans, to the vast plains, forests and deserts, he explains the delicate interplay of living organisms, the world they share, and the threats posed to particularly sensitive species and regions. Topics include the origin of life, the vital role of water, food chains, population balance, photosynthesis, evolution, species extinction, and the impact of human civilization. Written to accompany the Ecology exhibition of London's Natural History Museum, the book is colorfully illustrated with a profusion of photos and drawings. It offers and ideal opportunity for readers to become acquainted with the findings and ideas of perhaps the most crucial scientific knowledge of our time.


173 p.


ecology, water quality, ocean currents, oceanographic data, marine ecology, landforms, topography, atmospheric chemistry, population characteristics, environmental protection