Cedar Bayou, Texas. Draft environmental impact statement.




U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

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The project would consist of constructing a navigation channel in Cedar Bayou, Texas, including minor bend easings, and relocating an 0.8 mile section of the existing channel to improve the navigation alignment from the bay into the mouth of the bayou. Except for the bend easings, the proposed alignment in Cedar Bayou essentially follows the natural stream channel and most the excavation would be from the stream bed. The total amount of material to be excavated by hydraulic dredging is estimated to be about 580,000 cubic yards. The improved channel will effect savings in transportation costs and reduce the probability of marine accidents. Dredging operations and disposal of excavated materials will cause temporary increases in turbidity in the bay section of the project. A small acreage of marsh habitat will be excavated, and spoil deposition will cover some wildlife habitat in the inland section. The only available alternative is to forego improvement of the stream, and to perpetuate the hazardous and restrictive conditions affecting existing navigation. The only irreversible and irretrievable commitments of resources would be loss of ecologically valuable marshland and the labor and material resources associated with construction.


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channels, construction, dredging, dredge spoil, waste disposal, environmental effects, marshes, navigation