EMIS, Environmental Management Information System: Program Demonstration Project: A User's Guide to Environmental Information



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Texas A&M University


The USER'S GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION is intended to be a demonstration of a prototype information system that might be developed at the regional scale. As a demonstration, therefore, this USER'S GUIDE is not a comprehensive document, but serves to merely display a representative sample of the information needs and information sources found within the seven-county region of the Brazos Valley Development Council (BVDC). This document is the result of a detailed process of inventorying and characterizing existing and potential information users, their needs and problems, and their relationships to existing information sources. Thus, Phase I of the EMIS Project involved a process of interviewing and analyzing information users and sources, investigating the relationship of demand to supply, and constructing a prototype Environmental Management Information System for regional use in the form of the USER'S GUIDE TO ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION.


108 pages


information system, Environmental Management Information System, environmental protection, urban planning, land use