Northeast Gulf of Mexico hydrographic survey data collected in 1963.




Gaul, R.D.
Boykin, R.E.

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Texas A&M University Research Foundation


This report summarizes data collected during periodic hydrographic surveys made in 1963 over the shelf of the northeast Gulf of Mexico. The survey region shown in Figure 1 extends from the Mississippi Delta to Cape San Blas (about 200 nautical miles) and offshore to the 200 fathom depth contour (50-70 nautical miles). The northeast Gulf (NEG) surveys are carried out, when possible, in cooperation with the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL) which covers the region eastward from the Delta to about Pensacola (Drennan, 1963 and 1964). Most of the data given herein were obtained and processed by Texas A&M. The NEG surveys serve two primary purposes. One is to provide background information on the physical environment over the shelf to aid in interpretation of phenomena observed in the vicinity of nearshore platforms off Panama City (Gaul, et al, 1963). The second is to study the distribution of physical properties as related to circulaton over and outside the shelf. Studies of environmental influences on the distribution and occurence of pelagic fishes (Vick, 1964) and fouling organisms (Gaul and Vick, 1964; Pequegnat, Gaul and Dean, 1964) also depend on NEG survey data. Surveys currently being made have been modified considerably on the basis of observations and experience gained in 1963 but the basic approach and purposes are unchanged.


81 p.


hydrographic surveys, hydrographic data, data reports, water circulation, ecological distribution, marine fish, pelagic environment