Covering the Coasts: A reporter's guide to coastal and marine resources




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Environmental Health Center, National Safety Council


Covering the Coasts: A Reporter's Guide to Coastal and Marine Resources is a resource tool for journalists and editors, and the result of an innovative effort of Coastal America, a consortium of federal agencies, and the not-for-profit, nongovernmental National Safety Council's Environmental Health Center (EHC), which has been active in environmental journalism since its founding in 1988....Covering the Coasts is intended to be a "one-stop read" on the background of coastal issues. It is not the final word but rather a constructive first word in helping journalists to better inform the public so that it can assist in shaping and implementing programs needed to manage the coasts. The guide makes it clear that no single entity working on its won - not the federal government or state and local governments, not regulated industries or academic, not even the combined efforts of U.S. citizens - can succeed in accomplishing all that must be done to achieve a diverse range of goals. This guide represents an unusual coming together of diverse professional interests, including journalists, governmental officials, citizens' representatives, academics and researchers, and regulated industries, to achieve a common goal. Produced with the help of both a technical committee of coastal resource experts and of journalists, the guide, we hope, is a working tool that reporters will find authoritative, timely, and comprehensive as they inform their audiences on the options, challenges and opportunities they face.


165 pgs.


coasts, coastal areas, coastal zone management, marine resources