Oil on the Texas Coast. Part II.




Texas Coastal and Marine Council

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Texas Coastal and Marine Council


This brief document is an update of a report prepared two years ago (See Acc#8 for pt. 1), Oil on the Texas Coast, and highlights occurrences and new problems and developments relative to oil and hazardous material spills along the Texas coast. That report contains a lot of detailed information that is not repeated here. The recent rash of accidents involving tankers highlights the magnitude of the problems. As we import increasing amounts of oil, the likelihood of accidents will become greater. The [Texas] Legislature, in 1975, passed the Oil and Hazardous Substance Spill Prevention and Control Act. Implementation of that measure has been slow because no money was appropriated. It is vital that the$5 million authorized for the Coastal Protection fund by appropriated. In the Corpus Christi area, the Corpus Christi Oil Spill Association, composed of members from industry and government, has received favorable response. The feasibility of establishing other similar associations should be explored. I [A.R. Schwartz] believe the facts in this report point out the need for the state to fund and implement the statute now on the books.


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