Galveston Bay Project: water quality management plan




Bernard Johnson Incorporated

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Bernard Johnson Incorporated


This report is one of the sections of the overall Galveston Bay Project. This task was authorized by contract of 27 March 1973, between the Texas Water Quality Board and Bernard Johnson Incorporated. The report is in summary form and covers the alternative corrective measures which are discussed in more detail in the Galveston Bay Project - Alternative Corrective Measures Report. Discussions of water quality conditions; modelling; a water quality management plan for the Galveston Bay system; alternatives considered (with relative cost analyses), such as treatment levels, waste reuse and/or recycle, discharge point relocation, flow augmentation, instream aeration, and land disposal. Alternatives were evaluated by the following criteria: 1) ability to meet Texas Water Quality Board water quality standards and University of Texas Marine Science Institute's proposed environmental limits, 2) economy of implementation and feasibility, and 3) consistency with the requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972 (Public Law 92-500).


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water quality, management, planning, models