Wastes in marine environments




U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment

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U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment


This final report addresses two fundamental questions: what is the general condition of different marine environments and their resources, and what role can and should marine environments play in overall waste management? OTA's (Office of Technology Assessment) principal findings are that estuaries and coastal waters are in deep trouble around the Nation, and that more coordinated waste management efforts are needed in many areas. As a Nation, we have been only partially successful in protecting these waters - and their ecologically, commercially, and aesthetically valuable resources - from degradation. Policies to maintain or improve their quality, however, must be implemented in conjunction with policies about waste management strategies in general, including disposal in the open ocean and on land.


312 pgs.


wastes, waste disposal, pollutants, marine resources, public health, industrial wastes, sludge, sea water, dredge spoil, marine environment