Region H Water Planning Group Executive Summary of the Initially Prepared 2006 Regional Water Plan


Under legislation passed in 1997, the State of Texas designated 16 regions to plan for future water supply. Regional Water Planning is governed by the Texas Administrative Code, Title 31, Chapter 357, which mandates that plans address 50-year planning horizon and be updated every five years. Region H encompasses all or part of fifteen counties in southeast Texas and includes the entire San Jacinto River basin and the lower reaches of the Brazos and Trinity River basins. A Location Map showing the regional boundaries is inlcuded at Figure E-3. The members of the Region H Water Planning Group (RHWPG) and the interests they represent are shown in Table E-3. Regional Water Planning is conducted under the oversight of the Texas Water Development Board. Information on Region H and the State Water Plan can be found at the Board website, A listing of State points of contact is included in Table E-5. In 2001, the RHWPG published the first Regional Water Plan, which recommended 16 water management strategies to meet projected shortages for 93 water user groups. In this revision to the plan, water supply estimates are more detailed through the use of the new Water Availability Models (for surface supplies) and Groundwater Availability Models. Additionally, population and water demand estimates are more detailed, now including water districts serving unincorporated areas. This plan compares the water needs and supplies in the region to determine if supplies are adequate through the 50-year planning period. It recommends 23 water management strategies to meet projected shortages for 193 water user groups.


36 pages; available for download at the link below.


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