Oil and gas in coastal lands and waters: a report




Gillman, Katherine

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The Council on Environmental Quality


This report describes impacts of oil on the coastal zone, so far as we know them, tries to anticipate the effects of new development, and looks for ways to accomplish it with the least harm and the most benefits.... In this report we attempt to provide some of the facts, experience, and analysis that must underlie planning. Sections in this book are: Section 1 - The Coastal Region, Section 2 - Oil at Sea: sources of oil pollution, probability of oil spills, oil near shore, biological effects of oil, sensitive environments, other disturbances, a few conclusions, Section 3 - Alternatives: using less energy, unconventional energy sources, prospects for oil and gas, Section 4 - Protecting the Sea: OCS Oil: the safety record, stages in OCS Development, government regulation, Alaska: a hard case, The Mid-Atlantic: a milder environment, public participation in OCS leasing, public comments on State leasing decisions, cleaning up spills, paying for oil spill damage, Section 5 - Protecting the Sea: Tankers, supertankers, superports, safer tankers, double bottoms, defensive space, maneuverability and other safety features, competence of crews, vessel traffic control, spills: response, cleanup, liability, state actions, Section 6 - Oil Ashore, the gulf coast, Alaska: Cook Inlet, Every place is different, exploration, development: economic effects, development: social impacts, production, Section 7 - Location Onshore: Rigs to Refineries, needs for shoreline space, sitting refineries, air and water pollution from refineries, community acceptance, preexisting pollution, deepwater ports, Section 8 - Platform Construction: Northampton County, VA, background, brown and root proposes, the impact study, Northampton county disposes, epilogue, Section 9 - Liquefied Natural Gas, interest in LNG, LNG safety, sitting terminals, postscript, Section 10 - Protecting Communities and the Land, the Shetland Experience, Yakutat, coastal zone management programs, OCS leasing and regulation, planning for impacts, paying for impacts, and conclusion.


153 pgs.


oil well drilling, submarine, environmental aspects, gas well drilling