The handbook of the Odessa project for resources recovery




Standord, Geoffrey

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Environic Foundation International


Our program aims to beautify our city, to make its environs more attractive, and to restore the eroded rangeland back to something like its original prairie condition. We are proposing to do this by methods which will provide immediate side benefits: 1. Metals recovery from city refuse. 2. Energy recovery from refuse and wastewaters 3. Water conservation from wastewater and precipitation. ....The "Odessa Project" therefore has three distinct components. 1. City amenities. We aim to beautify, by avenues, parks, and recreation space the City center and its environs. These details are considered in Section D.1. 2. Rangeland improvement. Rangeland around the City to restore to its original grassed-over condition - allowing it to maintain itself through normal rainfall without further irrigation. Further details are given in Section D.2. 3. Agricultural and Health Research. The precise tonnage of refuse and gallonage of treated sewage that will be needed per acre to achieve a steady-state on the range, or to maintain a green appearance all year in the parks, are not yet known. In order to determine this, we plan comprehensive series of controlled trials. These may be done in cooperation with the U.T. School of Public Health, the University of Texas at Permian Basin, Texas Tech, Texas A&M University, the Renner Institute at Dallas, and other research centers that express interest or which have expertise to offer. The techniques are outlined in Section F. This research program is distinct from the first two city programs. It has no objective or goal in mind beyond pure investigation and research. It is open-ended, whereas the city programs above will benefit our citizens as fully and swiftly as possible. The opportunities of such a complex supporting program to provide employment potential will require a separate report.


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recycling, waste, refuse, refuse disposal, city planning, waste management, beautification, rangeland