Ocean sciences, technology, and the future international law of the sea.




Burke, William T.

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Ohio State University Press


It is not the purpose of this discussion to offer immediate remedies for the difficulties that can be anticipated. The objectives are rather to offer a preliminary, and necessarily brief, examination of the changes in the age-old process of interaction on the ocean that account in measure for the emergence of novel problems in regulation; to seek to identify some of the new problems by speculating about the types of future claims and counterclaims that will differ from those encountered in previous experience; and to make a short, rather general, survey of the broad outlines of the legal technicality inherited from the past that modern decision-makers might adopt, wisely or not, as useful for resolving disputes in the future. No systematic effort is made to clarify community policies at stake in the emerging struggle over the sea, though brief suggestions are made about the direction of further research on some problems.


91 pgs.


maritime law, oceanography