Toxic contaminant characterization of aquatic organisms in Galveston Bay: a pilot study




Brooks, James M., Terry L. Wade, Mahlon C. Dennicutt II, Denis A. Wiesenburg, Dan Wilkinson, Thomas J. McDonald, and Susanne J. McDonald, Dave Martin, Sheri Sanford, and Cheryl Hussey

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


This study was initiated to provide information on the concentrations of heavy metals and organic priority pollutants in edible fish and shellfish from Galveston Bay. Each year, millions of pounds of fish and shellfish caught by commercial and sport fishermen in Galveston Bay are consumed with little or no testing of edible tissues for toxic contamination having been conducted to assess public health risks. This study 1) provides an assessment of the historical data available on contamination concentrations in selected aquatic organisms, 2) provides data on the current levels of contamination present in fish and shellfish at selected sites and times from Galveston Bay, and 3) assesses the potential risk to human health from these contaminants.


341 pages; available for download at the link below.


aquatic organisms, estuarine organisms, toxicants, pollution