Degradation of bisphenol A in natural waters




Dorn PB
Chou CS
Gentempo JJ

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In establishing chemical environmental safety a hazard assessment using environmental exposure and effects information is required. Environmental degradation information is factored into estimates of exposure. The environmental degradation of polycarbonate grade Bisphenol A 2,2'-Bis (p-hydroxyphenyl propane) CAS NO. 80-05-7, used in the manufacture of plastics, was measured using local waters in the Houston Ship Channel. A spike of 3 mg/l BPA was added to four laboratory units containing fresh water (control), Houston Ship Channel water, Patricks Bayou water (200 yards downstream from a BPA chemical plant discharge), and the chemical plant treated process effluent. Greater than 90% degradation was observed in all treatments except the control within four days. The initiation of biodegradation in the units was in the following order: effluent > Particks Bayou > Houston Ship Channel




biodegradation, bisphenol A, chemical pollutants, D 04802 Pollution characteristics and fate, industrial effluents, inland water environment, marine environment, natural water, O 4060 Pollution - Environment, P 2000 FRESHWATER POLLUTION, phenols, Q1 01503 Characteristics,behavior and fate, Q2 02445 Characteristics,behavior and fate, USA, USA,Texas,Houston Ship Channel