Final Report of the National Watershed Forum



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United States Environmental Protection Agency


This Report highlights the Forum delegates' recommendations for advancing cooperative actions to sustain the health of our nation's watersheds. These recommendations address issues of concern identified by the Regional Watershed Roundtables that met over a two-year period prior to the Forum, as well as new issues identified by delegates at the Forum. The recommendations do NOT necessarily represent a consensus of all the delegates who participated in the Forum or in any particular discussion group. Every watershed faces a different set of opportunities and challenges. Each functions in the context of its own geographical and political setting. Therefore, recommendations contained herein represent a range of alternatives intended to help bolster capacity at the national, regional, state, tribal and local level to support the vital work of watershed partnerships. These innovative ideas represent the collective wisdom and successful strategies shared by Forum delegates and serve as a written history of a landmark even designed to foster collaborative watershed efforts across the nation.


84 pages; available for download at the link below.


watershed management, environmental protection