Model Studies of Outfall Systems for Desalination Plants. Part II. Tests of Effluent Dispersion in Selected Estuary Models. Volume I. Main Text




Bobb WH; Boland RA

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The existing comprehensive fixed-bed models of San Diego Bay, Galveston Bay, and Delaware River located at the Waterways Experiment Station were chosen to study the dispersion of heated waste brine from desalination plant outfalls. The report describes three models which were considered to be typical of estuaries on which saltwater conversion facilities are likely to be located. The objectives of the tests were to determine dispersion rates of the brine waste, to define the dynamic equilibrium distribution of the waste after the plant being simulated has been in operation for some time, and in the case of tests in the Delaware River model, to determine the effects of freshwater inflow on dispersion rates and equilibrium values




50B Civil Engineering: Civil Engineering;68D Environmental Pollution & Control: Water Pollution & Control;Brines;Delaware Bay;Desalination;Desalting plants;Design;Dispersing;Distribution;Dyes;Estuaries;Facilities;Fluid flow;Galveston;Galveston bay;Hydraulic models;Industrial wastes;Inflow;Model studies;Model tests;Models;Operation;Outfall sewers;Plants;Rates;Rivers;Salinity;San Diego Bay;Thermal pollution;Time;United States;Values;Volume;Water;Water pollution;Waterways;