Compilation and review of completed restoration and mitigation studies in developing an evaluation framework for environmental resources




Feather, Timothy D., and Donald T. Capan

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Stations


Volume I of this two volume set is the first of a series of interim reports which will be published under the Evaluation Framework Work Unit of the Evaluation of Environmental Investments Research Program. Volume I documents, from 10 case studies, an initial effort to identify the important planning issues presently being faced by Corps planners. This effort was conducted from March through November of 1994 by conducting a focus session with Washington level reviewers and by conducting a large number of interviews with Corps and non-Corps study team members. A comparative analysis identifies the important themes that emerged from this effort. Recommendations and future needs are also discussed in this volume.; Volume II of this two volume set contains important supplements to the comparative analysis, recommendations, and research presented in Volume I. Volume II contains the interview guide instrument, summary report of Washington level reviewers focus session, the ten case study write-ups, and a list of reference material.


2 volumes


evaluation framework, case studies, significance, objectives, engineering, cost effectiveness, interview guide instrument, conferences, environmental engineering, environmental policy, evaluation, planning