Offshore Oceanographic and Environmental Monitoring Services for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve: Annual Report for the Bryan Mound Site from September 1982 through August 1983



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Texas A&M Research Foundation


The Department of Energy's Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program began leaching the Bryan Mound salt dome and discharging brine into the coastal waters offshore of Freeport, Texas on March 10, 1980. This report describes the findings of a team of Texas A&M University scientists and engineers who have conducted a study to evaluate the effects of the Bryan Mound discharge on the marine environment. The study addresses the areas of physical oceanography, analysis of the discharge plume, water and sediment quality, nekton, benthos and data management. It focuses on the period from September 1982 through August 1983.


3 volumes


sediment quality, physical oceanography, Bryan Mound salt dome, strategic petroleum reserve, environmental impacts, offshore oil and gas development, oceanography