Environmental analysis for development planning Chambers County, Texas. An approach to natural environmental analysis. Appendices.




Rice Center for Community Design and Research.

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Southwest Center for Urban Research


The central research question of this component centers around how information about the natural environmental characteristics of a given geographic area can be intergrated with information about various types of land use so that man-made changes in the natural environment can be predicted and the natural environmental development capability assessed. This technical report represents the research approach and findings for Phase One of the project. Chapter 2 proposes an advanced concept to determining natural environmental capability for land development and a means for predicting change plus an overview of the research methodology. Chapters 3 and 4 deal with the establishment of a natural environmental data base for the subsequent analysis. Chapter 5 presents an integrated and detailed description of each major aspect of the Chambers County natural environment. Chapter 6 focuses on selected land uses and their associated activities and characteristics. Chapter 7 presents a further expansion of the central concept of natural environmental capability and its relationship to land use. Chapter 8 presents results of the cluster analysis interpretation. Chapter 9 presents preliminary investigations of environmental impact monitoring. Chapter 10 offers land management recommendations, and Chapter 11 presents a brief summary of the findings.


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environment management, environmental effects, land use, resource conservation, resource management