The analysis of subsidence associated with geothermal development. Handbook 1.




Atherton, R.W.; Finnemore, E.J.; Gillam, M.L.; DeGance, A.E.; Grimsrud, G.P.; Schainker, R.B.

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Systems Control, Incorporated


This document is designed to serve as a concise reference, a handbook, for the evaluation of the potential for land subsidence from the development of geothermal resources. Its contents will be useful to those involved in understanding land subsidence and its environmental impacts, as well as those involved in developing geothermal resources. The handbook is divided into two parts: (A) A primer on subsidence and geothermics, provides an overview of the areas of information important to understanding subsidence and geothermics, (B) Subsidence evaluation procedures, presents concrete procedures for the evaluation of subsidence potential, such as, subsidence prediction techniques, an analogy method for evaluating subsidence, quantitative analysis methods for evaluating reservoir models, and operating policies for the mitigation of subsidence. Some useful tables and figures are of direct subsidence impacts, compression tests on clays, silts, and sands, comparison of petroleum subsidence areas including information on Goose Creek, Texas, and comparison of ground water subsidence areas with information from the Houston-Galveston, Texas area and the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, and factors tending to influence geothermal subsidence.


250 p.


energy resources; geothermal energy; geothermal exploration; subsidence; environmental impact