Economic development in the Texas coastal zone.




Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program

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Office of the Governor, Division of Planning Coordination.


Economic changes in the 36 counties in the coastal zone of Texas are presented in this summary report, Economic Development in the Texas Coastal Zone. As one of six studies sponsored by the Coastal Resources Management Program of Texas under the Interagency Council on Natural Resources and the Environment, this study provided baseline data on economic, human and natural resources of the coastal zone and the State of Texas. An analysis of these resources reveals numerous clues to growth patterns and changes occurring in the coastal zone. Identification and recognition of factors important to future developments in the coastal zone are essential if coastal resources are to be preserved, protected and developed for maximum benefits to present and future generations. Basic data concerned with the economic growth of the coastal zone for the past 30 years have been assembled by the authors with specific documentation of population, industrial, employment and income trends. Current resources have been analyzed according to their renewable and nonrenewable characteristics. Urban and rural changes have been identified and discussed with emphasis on significant economic data. Future assumptions and economic projections have been generated to evaluate potential economic changes in the coastal zone of Texas to year 2000. Particular emphasis has been placed on population shifts, industry changes and employment levels.


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economics, coastal zone, economic analysis, resources