Global Warming & The Future of Texas Agriculture



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Texas Department of Agriculture


Recent interest in global climate change has been heightened by a drought affecting many of the nation's most agriculturally productive areas. Droughts have affected some part of the country in almost every decade, most notably in the 1930s and, in Texas, in the 1950s. However, there is increasing evidence that recent weather patterns confirm predictions that the climate in undergoing a long-term warming trend, brought about by atmospheric changes as a result of industrialization. The crop losses experienced in 1988 will have serious consequences for both the farm economy and the economy of the nation as a whole. The long-term implications of such events need to be evaluated from both a national and regional perspective. This report makes some preliminary assessments of the effects of global warming for agriculture in Texas and recommends policies to help reverse the warming trend or adapt to inevitable changes.


46 pages


agricultural economics -- Texas, drought, agriculture -- Texas, global climate change