Baytown Vignettes: One hundred and fifty years in the history of a Texas Gulf Coast community.




Britt, J.
Tyssen, M.

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Lee College


One can hardly pick up the daily newspaper without seeing at least on article on the miserable state of the American educational system. Parents, teachers, government officials, tax payers - all fret over the problems and offer numerous solutions, yet the general feeling remains one of frustration or discouragement because no solution seems the right one. Despite problems, America still has dedicated students who rise to challenges and produce admirable results; the central focus of this book is student accomplishment. Each article, written for the American Studies seminar at Lee College, explores segments of the history of Baytown, Texas, and industrial community located some twenty-five miles east of Houston, whose modern image reflects its colorful past. The papers explore Baytown's myths, its noteworthy or notorious personalities, and its development as a community.


208 pages