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Galveston Bay Estuary Program

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


The Galveston Bay estuary is a rich ecosystem featuring many different types of natural areas, or habitats. Salt marshes, freshwater wetlands, forests, cypress swamps, and prairies are among these unique wild places. By providing food and shelter, these habitats support a great diversity of wildlife and aquatic species. Galveston Bay's habitats make it one of the nation's most productive estuaries, supporting economically vital fisheries and tourism. Wetlands and other habitats filter pollutants from water, helping to protect the quality of our bayous and bays. Coastal forests, wetlands, and grasslands help control flooding by absorbing rainfall. Wildlife habitats are also excellent places to have fun-besides fishing, they support recreational activities such as crabbing, hunting, boating, kayaking, bird watching, and wildlife photography. Finally, natural areas are beautiful, peaceful places, contributing greatly to the quality of our community.


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water and sediment quality, habitat protection, public health, freshwater inflow, species protection, shoreline management, spills, fills, and dumping, seafood consumption advisories