Compendium of EPA Binational and Domestic U.S./Mexico Activities



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United States Environmental Protection Agency


This compendium represents an effort by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to compile a comprehensive inventory of ongoing United States/Mexico projects receiving EPA funding and/or involving EPA participation. These projects are designed to protect and improve the environment of the U.S./Mexico border area, improve our understanding of the border environment, increase cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico in the environmental arena, and address priority environmental issues of the two countries, both inside and outside the border area. Much of this work is done by state and local governments with EPA grants. Also described herein are recently completed projects and proposed projects likely to be implemented. EPA, in addition, sponsors expert speakers to participate in numerous conferences and workshops in Mexico and in the U.S. in support of the above goals and to share EPA's experiences on environmental protection and management; this is not specifically represented in the compendium. For simplicity, the projects are primarily organized by binational La Paz working groups. Binational efforts not organized under the La Paz agreement, U.S. domestic projects in the border area, and projects funded through the Southwest Center for Research and Policy (SCERP) have separate sections. For some projects, discerning the working group with the primary responsibility is not easy, since working groups often collaborate on joint projects and much of the work is inter-related.


162 pages; available for download at the link below.


international relations, environmental protection