Eutrophication and pesticide elements.




McCullough, J.D.

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Stephen F. Austin State University.


The eutrophication and pesticide element of this report is part of a general environmental reconnaissance inventory of the Trinity River from Riverside Drive in Fort Worth, Texas to the proposed Wallisville reservoir near Trinity Bay. The primary objectives of this portion of the project will be to inventory the present eutrophic state of the Trinity River as well as other water quality parameteres and to inventory the present application of insecticides and herbicides in the counties within the watershed of the study area as a possible index to the degree of pesticide pollution in various regions of the river. These data will then be used in the delineation of the areas having water quality problems and in the identification of probable sources of pollution, thus, indicating areas in which more detailed investigations are needed.


p. 141 - 190


environmental impact, resources, eutrophication, pollution, pesticides, water pollution, agricultural pollution