Intensive survey of Texas City Ship Channel segment 2437




Kirkpatrick, J.S.

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Texas Department of Water Resources


An intensive survey of the Texas City Ship Channel (Segment 2437) was conducted April 13-15, 1982. This segment is located in Galveston County and is a navigation canal for ocean-going vessels serving the industrial area of Texas City. Historical water quality problems have been indicated by marginally elevated phosphorus levels, occasional elevated pH of bottom waters, and elevated levels of lead, cadmium, nickel, manganese, and mercury in water and cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, and zinc in sediment. There are thiry-one permitted outfalls in the segment, originating from seven industries. Most of them are storm water discharges which normally do not flow. Of the five continuous discharges that were sampled, the highest organic concentrations were from Marathon Oil Company and Texas City Refining. Highest nutrient concentrations were discharged by Texas City Refining. The Channel ranges from about 300 feet to 1200 feet in width, and average depth ranges from about 29 feet to 46 feet. A diurnal tide prevailed during the study period with and amplitude of about 1.8 feet. Field data, chemical data, and sediment analyses did not indicate any specific problem areas. The data obtained during this survey will be used, through mathematical modeling processes, to predict the impact of various waste loads on the dissolved oxygen resources of the Texas City Ship Channel.


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hydrology; field measurements; water chemistry; sediment chemistry; mathematical models