Environmental Studies, South Texas Outer Continental Shelf, 1975: An Atlas and Integrated Summary



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United States Geological Survey


The chemical and physical interactions both within and along the margin of earth's oceans are among the most complex phenomena in the natural sciences. Ideally, if the various aspects and processes involved were completely understood, the magnitude and scope of their interactions could be predicted for a given time and place. Unfortunately, the problem is that of solving an equation having many unknowns. The marine environmental studies of outer continental shelf areas being made under the direction of the Bureau of Land Management are unique in both scope and approach. The regional investigations, multidisciplinary and integrated in plan and in execution, are being carried out simultaneously by teams of scientists representing State, Federal, and private organizations. As an integrated summary of the results obtained for such a large number of scientific disciplines, this report also is unique in the field of marine science. No source of previous experience could be drawn upon for its preparation because none exists. The atlas format was chosen as the best means of presenting the data because time and space relationships for data of regional scope are more readily apparent in visual displays. Maps provide both a synoptic overview and a time base to which subsequent data similarly processed and compiled can be easily compared. By comparing sequential data covering a series of years, the nature of the processes affecting a region can be qualified and the range of their seasonal and yearly fluctuations quantified.


303 pages


outer continental shelf -- maps, offshore oil and gas development