Study of the Juvenile Shrimp Populations, Penaeus aztecus and Penaeus setiferus, of Galveston Bay


One hundred and twenty-three samples were collected producing 3085 white shrimp and 3703 brown shrimp. Juvenile brown shrimp entered the bay in three waves in April, July, and August. Young whites entered in three waves in July, August, and September. The brown shrimp was the more abundant species. Samples produced about one-third as many brown and white shrimp as those of 1961 and about one-tenth as many as those of 1960. Temperatures followed the normal seasonal trend, except for the freeze in January, and a six degree centigrade decline in March. The reduced amount of rainfall and river flow this year resulted in the higher bay salinities than in 1960-61.


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penaeid shrimp, Penaeus aztecus, Penaeus setiferus, juveniles, population dynamics