Improved circulating water flow rates through impeller modifications




Antunes FF
Frey J

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Publ by ASME, New York, NY, USA


Since 1966, problems have occurred to the Condenser Circulating System at the Robinson Plant of Houston Light and Power. These units are located East of San Leon, Texas and take water from Galveston Bay for condenser cooling. The problem incurred are typical of the use of sea water. The initial condenser tubing made of 90-10 copper-nickel suffered velocity corrosion-erosion, high maintenance and subsequent loss of plant availability. Titanium and Secure tubing was later used to maintain plant operability. Unfortunately, some heat transfer was lost with these superior corrosion resistant materials. In addition to the tubing problem, air leaks and fouling contributed to reducing plant capacity. To improve this situation H L & P engineers decided to maximize the circulating water pump performance which is the basis for this paper




Electric Power Plants -- Cooling Systems, Flow of Fluids--Measurements, Heat Exchangers--Condensers, Maintenance, Modification, Texas, Titanium and Alloys--Corrosion Protection, Water