Ideas for Conducting a Hurricane Awareness Campaign



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Federal Disaster Assistance Administration


This book of ideas is written to assist you in conducting a public awareness - or public education - campaign to reduce the loss of life on that ultimate date that a hurricane hits your community or state. It is written for you, whether you be a state official, local elected official, planner, educator, emergency service worker, newsperson, volunteer, involved citizen, or none of the above. You may not have totally defined your own concern or interest with hurricanes. Or you may know exactly what type of campaign you wish to conduct. In any case, we hope you will find this booklet helpful. This booklet deals largely with the public relations practices and procedures that are commonly utilized in any public educational effort, including a political campaign or a referendum. However, a number of additional sources were consulted. Our thanks to all of those who read the drafts and gave freely of their comments or provided materials.


10 pages; available for download at the link below.


hurricane awareness, hurricane education