Wetlands and Waters of the United States: Evaluation for Jacintoport Tracts


May 1990


McClelland Consultants

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McClelland Consultants


This report summarizes the findings of the field surveys to determine the extent of wetlands and waters of the United States on nine parcels of land comprising approximately 1,300 acres in the Jacintoport area of metropolitan Houston, Harris County, Texas (Figure 1). The study area within which these parcels are located is roughly bounded by Market Street Road on the north, Penn City Road on the west, the Houston Ship Channel on the south and Sheldon Road on the east. The locations of the individual parcels are indicated in Figure 2. The services of McClelland Consultants (West) Incorporated were retained to delineate the wetland areas on each of the properties that are subject to federal jurisdiction and to provide baseline information that will assist in development planning on the individual sites. The objective of this report is to provide information necessary for later determination of permit requirements pursuant to Section 404 of the Clean Water Act of 1977, Chapter 33 of the United States Code (Federal Water Pollution Control Act). To facilitate this determination, hydrologic and biologic field data has been evaluated to provide environmental analyses and conclusions as they pertain to federal permit requirement. Determination of impacted areas associated with construction of improvements on the subject parcels can be conducted following refinement of planning efforts.


47 pages; available for download at the link below.


wetlands determination